Windstärke 5
Mohr Polster, Museum of Arts & Craft Hamburg
Industrial Design

Combining Algorithms-Aided Design and traditional craftsmanship to create „Windstärke 5“, a unique daybed with a water surface.
The daybed has its form rooted in Mohr Polster’s specialism, as well as their tranquil living and working habitats in Andelsbuch, Bregenzerwald. A floating geometric structure with a liquid leather surface serves as the piece’s main focus, this simultaneously references Bregenzerwald’s natural landscape but is also a stage that showcases Mohr’s innovative adaptation of technology in craft, only made possible by their experience and expertise.

The design places emphasis on continuous emotional balance. By transforming a liquid surface into a piece of flowing upholstery, the unique daybed works against the urge of self–optimization and induces a sense of diving into and embracing one’s own vulnerability.

Felix Pöttinger Design 
Munich, Germany